Common Factors Leading To Oil Field Accidents

More than a thousand rigs are all over the State of New Mexico extracting natural gas and oil from the earth. While the oil industry gives employment to thousands of workers the dangers of oilfield accidents loom over workers in this industry. Accidents caused in oilfields can be devastating and end up with catastrophic injuries or even death which is why it is crucial to work with a New Mexico Oilfield accident lawyer

Common factors leading to oil field accidents

Oil field accidents can occur for various reasons including human error equipment failure environmental factors lack of communication inadequate safety procedures neglecting maintenance improper handling of hazardous materials and time pressure.

  1. Human error

Human error is the most common contributing factor. It can happen when workers fail to follow established safety procedures or are inadequately trained. Equipment failure can also cause accidents such as when safety equipment malfunctions.

  1. Weather conditions

Extreme weather conditions can also contribute to oil field accidents. Weather conditions like heavy rainfall or flooding can cause damage to oil field equipment such as pipelines tanks and pumps. 

  1. Communication barriers

Misunderstandings can happen when workers from different backgrounds or with different levels of experience cannot effectively communicate with each other. This can lead to mistakes being made that can result in accidents.

  1. Inadequate training

Inadequate training makes it difficult for workers to identify potential hazards on the job site. This can lead to accidents, as workers may not take appropriate precautions to avoid hazards. Also workers with less training do not know how to use equipment properly leading to equipment failure and injuries.

  1. Neglecting maintenance

Neglecting to maintain the equipment properly can lead to equipment failure resulting in accidents and injuries. For example if heavy machinery is not maintained or serviced it can break down anytime, leading to accidents. 

  1. Improper handling of hazardous materials

If the workers do not know how to handle hazardous materials like chemicals or gases it can lead to exposure to toxic substances or chemical burns. Improper handling can also cause leaks and spills causing slips and falls.

  1. Tight deadlines

Workers working on tight deadlines usually rush and use shortcuts to complete the work leading to mistakes and accidents. It can be dangerous for workers working with heavy machinery and other toxic materials.

Tight deadlines can also cause body fatigue leading to impaired judgment and increasing the risk of accidents. 

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