January 27, 2023

Purchasing perfumes online can be hard. You cannot get a tester and understand the fragrance for yourself. But, this is not to say that you should avoid buying perfumes on the internet. It just means that you need to do your own research into the notes of a fragrance in order to imagine it.

If you are interested in Emporio Armani Strong with You, you have probably heard everyone raving about how amazing it smells but, how can you really tell if it is a fragrance for you? Well, we are going to break it down and give you a better idea of what this one is going to smell like. So, let’s get started.

What are the Notes in a Perfume?

If you are new to the world of fragrance, you might not be sure what notes are when referring to perfume. Well, this one is simple; the notes are the ingredients that are included in the fragrance. For instance, you are going to have three types of notes, which include the top, middle and base notes. All of these will work one by one to create a fantastic aroma and one that develops over time.

Therefore, to understand what Emporio Armani Strong with You smells like, you have to examine the notes. This includes considering everything from the sugar-coated chestnut accord to the pink pepper and apple accord top notes. So, that is what we are going to do now so you can understand whether you will like this fragrance.

The Top Notes

When you first use perfume on your skin, you are going to be hit by the top notes. These are the initial ingredients of a fragrance and they will last for up to one hour. This will depend on what the ingredients are and the type of perfume you have chosen. Let’s take a look at the top notes included in Emporio Armani Strong with You.

Pink Pepper

As you would expect, pink pepper makes the top notes spicy. It is also a sharp scent, which makes things interesting. So, you can expect this perfume to have a bit of a kick. A lot of men’s fragrances include spicy ingredients.

Apple Accord

To add some freshness, apple accord has been used. This creates a pleasant sweetness and and a fruity touch that can make wearing this fragrance refreshing. It is also light and has a twist.

Violet Leaves Accord

The violet leaves accord is also about adding a fresh and green scent into the mix. This is also a popular one in masculine fragrances.

The Middle Notes

The middle notes can often be referred to as the heart notes of a fragrance. Once you have enjoyed the top notes, you are going to get the middle notes. They will last slightly longer than the top notes as well as adding some depth. Here are the top notes in Emporio Armani Strong with You.


Lavender is included as a middle note, which makes Emporio Armani Strong with You slightly different to other fragrances. This adds a refreshing element to the scent and one that is relaxing and soothing. This can make someone feel confident when they are wearing it.


Lavender is accompanied by sage. This ingredient has a natural and earthy tone, but also one that adds some musk to the fragrance. Again, it is fresh and gives the fragrance some body and excitement.


Next is cardamom. This is the ingredient that adds spice, which is something that men love in their perfumes. It can make them feel desirable and confident. 


To add even more spicy tones to this fragrance, cinnamon has been included. This can also have a slight woody scent, which is popular in men’s fragrances.

The Base Notes

So, the middle and top notes will fade. Then you can enjoy the base notes of Emporio Armani Strong with You. They will last the longest and this can be up to a few hours. So, let’s see what base notes are included.

Glazed Chestnut

No man’s perfume would be complete without woodsy scents. Indeed, this is what glazed chestnuts add. They also have a slight sweetness, which makes things interesting for the base note.

Cedar Tree

Cedar tree adds to the woodsy vibes, as well as add some citrus into the mix. A lot of men like this effect. 

Guaiac Wood

Next, there is guaiac wood, which adds depth to the woodsy fragrance. There is also a slight smokey scent added with this ingredient.


Amber creates a warmth to the base notes and complements the other ingredients perfectly. It also adds a slight sweetness.

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