Six high-quality ready-to-wear print nail art production methods to share

The traditional monochrome nail art and French nail art are elegant and generous but too boring, and it’s when you wear the unique ready-to-wear prints from the show on your fingertips that you can be fashionable. 

One: Pop Print

Different colors collide together to create an absolutely dazzling and eye-catching holiday atmosphere galglitter This nail looks complicated, but in fact, it is the different color lines. They are painted on the nail, and in DIY, you can also do replacements according to their favorite color scheme to play more creatively. 

Fashion Editor’s Note: Compared to the older attributes of monochrome nails, teenage girls won’t be able to resist the heat of pop print nails. Adding black stripes on a white-coloredbackground looks sophisticated and energetic. Youthful beating rhythm is like the showin thecolor striped dress with scattered unevenly colored embroidery scattered points. 

STEP 1: First, apply a layer of light blue nail polish to each nail as a base color. STEP 2: After the nail polish is completely dry, dip the nail polish in yellow and draw a fewshort lines vertically in the blank. 

STEP 3: Dab red and orange nail polish separately and draw a few short vertical lines in the blank. STEP 4: Dab the blue nail polish and draw a few short lines vertically in the blank space. STEP 5: Dab a thin brush with black nail polish and draw interrupted black lines horizontally, andfinally brush on a layer of gloss. 

Two: Macaron striped nail art 

Striped style nail art is very innovative, especially the girly macaron color scheme is morewatchable, and also quite simple in DIY, especially for the technically unskilled, you can makeyour own favorite striped style without following the prescribed pattern to paint. 

Fashion Editor’s Note: Irregular pastel swirl tops make people feel the wave of art deco patterns coming in; selected from modern art, these irregular colored stripes as if fingerprints and swirls make nails with fresh and edgy romantic colors, pink, yellow, pink pink pink and white just likemacaroon girl colors, delicious and sweet.

STEP 1: First, apply a layer of white nail polish to each nail as the base color. STEP 2: Dip the pen in yellow nail polish and draw curves of different thicknesses according to thepattern of the costume. 

STEP 3: Apply light pink nail polish all over the white area. 

STEP 4: Draw a few gray curves in the pink area. 

STEP 5: Draw two more thin white curves for embellishment and finally brush on a layer of glossy polish. 

3: Metallic 

The nail with a gray metallic texture is easy to match different types of clothes; adding goldsequins to the embellishment is a few more shiny effects while making the nail more textured. 

Fashion Editor’s Note: Metallic nails have become particularly popular in recent years, and it is aproblem for nail art enthusiasts to integrate gold and silver with feminine nails. The use of a largearea of light silver, plus the edge of the black gold, just like the show above the embroideredsilver dress with gold floral pattern, quite a smoke cage cold water moon cage sand classical poetic atmosphere. 

TEP 1: First, paint each nail with pearlescent gray nail polish as the base color. STEP 2: Use a fine brush dipped in black to draw a cracked style around the nail. STEP 3: Then dip the gold glitter nail polish and apply it to the edge of the black cracks, and finally apply the glitter once more. 

Four: Army Green 

The mix of army green with purple and silver will make the nails more handsome and cool. WhenDIY, make sure the lines are symmetrical and balanced, so the difficulty of tracing is also great, soit is recommended to try a few more times on the paper before painting. 

Fashion Editor’s Note: The use of military elements is back at the top of the trend this season, and the use of X’s and I’s can also give a strong signature style. Likewise, galglitter use of X-shaped and striped patterns in nail art patterns can also make people feel the meaning of this

individual expression in the first place. 

STEP 1: First, use a brush to draw a horizontal line and X with the rose pink color. STEP 2: Paint the white area green. 

STEP 3: Use a fine brush dipped in silver gray to draw a thin – in the middle of the pink horizontal line and X. 

STEP 4: Finally, brush a layer of matte polish, and your nail is ready. 

V: Glossy mix and match 

Red nails are most suitable to try in the festival, but if it is just a solid color is also toomonotonous, how about making two textures, combining matte and glossy together and tracingboth sides of the nail with the nude color, which can look white and delicate hands, but also look more slender. 

Fashion Editor’s Note: If you don’t know what to wear, wear red, which is the maximof thefashion world. The wind fairy dyed finger is also showing the style of red nails that is unique totraditional Chinese women. Red, the bright nail is like a bright red dress in the show; no needtoaccessorize; natural and elegant. 

Break down the steps to teach you how to paint 

STEP 1: First, paint each nail with nude nail polish as a base color. 

STEP 2: After waiting for the nail polish to dry completely, apply red nail polish. STEP 3: Then apply a triangle of matte nail polish diagonally against the top of the nail, and thenail surface will appear with two textures of matte and glossy splicing. 

STEP 4: Finally, brush a layer of glossy polish on the shiny side, and your nail is ready. 6: Bright colors 

The black nail has enough cool sense of personality, and the fluorescent nail is a more lively jump; the combination of the two together can play a good balance, even if the work of a family will not look too abrupt. 

Fashion editorial comment: always occupied by the black and gray autumn and winter seemslightly boring, and bright color can easily catch the eye, so that the overall look shine, bright and

eye-catching orange and rose with complementary, and a large black tone and embellished withaperfect blend of bright colors, so that the noble and elegant celebrity temperament easily flowing. 

Break down the steps to teach you how to paint 

STEP 1: First, paint each nail with black nail polish as the base color. 

STEP 2: After the nail polish is completely dry, dip the yellow nail polish and draw a triangle fromthe top of the nail. 

STEP 3: Then, take pink nail polish and draw another triangle along both sides of the yellowtriangle. 

STEP 4: Finally, brush a layer of matte polish, and your nail is ready.

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